The Best Motivational Strategies to Crush Self Doubt and Sabotage

I am a firm believer in that people create themselves, not find themselves. I know this because, I have created myself into being a positive, hardworking and motivated person to get what I want in life. But sometimes it is hard to deal with self doubt and sabotage because there are going to be people […] Read More

DM006: Determinator – Fire Up your Capability

To me, determination is the ability to push through all obstacles and achieve what you want. And ultimately... ... Determination is what you need in order to achieve what you want.  In today's podcast I speak about what is determination, why it is so important and why you need it in order to succeed. Go on a […] Read More

DM005: Relaxation & Having Fun Is Important To Your Health

I recently visited New Orelans for the celebrations of Mardi Gras and I really enjoyed myself. It's important to enjoy yourself sometimes and take a breather from reality. We all deserve a break sometimes especially if we have been working very hard and investing a lot of our time in something. Don't forget to have […] Read More

DM004: The Power of You – You Are Amazing

In today's podcast I cover the topics of negative thoughts and why you should crush those thoughts and become who you are meant to be. You are meant to be great, and to achieve great things! Stop listening to what others have to say about you and what you should do in your life, and […] Read More

DM003: Taking Action Now And Completely Crush It

Today in my podcast I will be speaking about the importance of taking action, and completely crushing it. There is no time to wait, because your dreams are not going to manifest on their own... ... stop giving up on new things and stuck stick with it! Take action and never look back! If you […] Read More